Nick Tomasso

Nick Tomasso joined ICANN in 2008, bringing with him a wealth of experience after leading IBM’s global meetings as Director of Global Events. Today he has various roles at ICANN.

In his capacity as Vice President of Global Meeting Operations, Nick manages all ICANN meetings, in particular, the three annual public meetings held in different regions of the globe that allow attendees from around the world to participate in person. These meetings are an essential platform for ICANN and provide the opportunity for an internationally diverse group of individuals and organizations to come together and discuss and develop policies for the Internet’s naming systems.

He is also the Managing Director for ICANN’s Middle East and Africa Regional Office in Istanbul, Turkey. In this role, he supports the organization’s strategic objective to evolve and further internationalize ICANN and better serve the global community.

Baher Esmat

Baher Esmat is ICANN Regional Vice President for stakeholder engagement in the Middle East. In his role, Esmat is a keen facilitator of collaboration and dialogue between ICANN and the broader Internet community, and promotes the further development of the region’s domain name industry.

Esmat is a founding Board member of Egypt ISOC Chapter. He has also served on several Internet Governance related groups including the UN Working Group on Internet Governance, the CSTD Working Group on IGF Improvements, and the IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Committee (MAG).

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Cairo University, and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the American University in Cairo.

Sarmad Hussein

Sarmad Hussain is ICANN’s IDN Programs Director, involved in Internationalized Domain Names program and Universal Acceptance initiative. He has over twenty years of research and development experience in local language computing, including Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs).

He comes to ICANN with 17 years of research and development experience in local language computing, including Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs). He has been a professor of Computer Science and the IDRC Research Chair in Multilingual Computing. He holds a doctoral degree in Speech Science from Northwestern University, USA.

Fahd Batayneh

Fahd Batayneh has been with ICANN since October 2013, and serves as a Stakeholder Engagement Manager for the Middle East. Prior to ICANN, he held several positions within Jordan’s National IT Center (NITC), last of which was managing both the ccTLD and IDN ccTLD of Jordan.

Batayneh has attended ICANN meetings on a regular basis since 2008, and was active in several working groups. Batayneh has also provided consultancy on Internet Governance, new gTLDs, and Internet Policies.

He holds a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering with honors, and an MBA.

Brantly Millegan

Brantly Millegan is director of operations for the Ethereum Name Service, the leading blockchain-based Internet naming infrastructure project.

He lives in Springfield, Oregon with his wife and five children.

Munir Badr

Munir Badr is a young Internet entrepreneur and the Founder/CEO of, an award-winning, UAE based domain name registrar and web host. is an accredited .ae registrar by TRA of UAE since 2008. Hosting 15,000+ businesses from all over the world.

Munir has lived more than 22 years in Dubai and has seen the country grow from desert to a futuristic city, this was his fuel for passion to start and grow a business within the domain name/web hosting industry. Munir is also a prominent speaker at various forums such as MEDNSF, APTLD, MENOG, and others.